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Artificial Flowers – You Won’t Be Disappointed With The Quality And The Range Of Flowers We Have On Offer

Artificial flowers are often regarded as a poor substitute for the real thing. People have an outdated image of them, having seen them gather dust and look faded in grandparents’ homes. They assume that silk flowers look unrealistic and that you cannot do better than the real thing for beauty, elegance and style. It is also thought that artificial arrangements are far more expensive than fresh flowers, with none of the benefits. In fact, though, nothing could be farther from the truth. Design and manufacturing have come a long way in recent years and today’s simulated blooms look so realistic that even experienced florists have been fooled at first glance! They also offer a number of benefits that make them a highly attractive alternative to the real thing. Read on to find out more, as well as the benefits of buying your silk blooms from

In truth, artificial flowers UK have a great number of advantages over the real thing. For one thing, they are low maintenance. Unlike fresh flowers, our displays will never wilt in the heat. Nor will they die if they are not stored well or shipped incorrectly. You can be confident when you order your flowers from us that they will arrive in the same condition we sent them in – and moreover, stay that way too. If you are a fan of interior design, artificial plants are very useful for brightening up a dark spot in any room. They do not require the sunlight to grow as real plants do, and they will also be constantly in flower so you can enjoy bright colours and pretty blooms all year round. The low maintenance doesn’t stop there, though. There will be no dropped petals to clear up and they do not constantly demand fresh water to survive.

If you are in search of flowers for a particular display or bouquet, you will find that the artificial variety is much less fragile than real stems, meaning that they can be worked into far more intricate and complex designs. While real flowers have natural flaws and imperfections, and no two flowers will have the exact same colour from season to season, artificial varieties are more consistent in colour and precision. If you are a stickler for detail, the consistency of their artificial substitutes will be a definite advantage in your eyes. Silk alternatives to real flowers can also bring health benefits. It is estimated that one in four people in the UK suffer from hay fever and many other people these days seem to suffer increasingly from other allergies related to pollen and flowers. Who would want to spoil their wedding day photographs by having red, streaming eyes and sneezing constantly? For the squeamish amongst us, rest assured that artificial flower stems do not attract bugs and bees either.

You may also be surprised to learn that real flowers are not quite as environmentally friendly as you may think. For example, it is estimated that the UK imports around 90% of the cut flowers on sale today from abroad. This means that their carbon footprint is immense. A staggering 75% of the real flowers you will buy in the shops are treated with pesticides to preserve them from unsightly damage by insects. On the other hand, an artificial flower, unlike the real thing, will not create methane when decomposing in landfill sites. All in all, artificial stems provide a good alternative for those people who are interested in living an eco-friendly lifestyle. They will last for a long time without needing to be replaced and with just a little dusting every now and then, will look as good as the day you bought them.

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We know with all the beautiful arrays and individual stems we have on offer that you may be confused by the choice. Alternatively, you may have a special request for something you haven’t seen on our website. Don’t worry. We are happy to offer any advice or help you might need before purchasing. Simply send us details of your query and we’ll get back to you as a matter of urgency. We are so confident that you will be delighted with the quality and beauty of our flowers, whether you are ordering them for yourself or for a friend, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee. With free delivery, you can save even more. We accept all the most popular payment methods, including Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and Electron, so it couldn’t be easier to order your artificial flowers today. Why not try them? We are sure you will be back for more.